I a fifth-year Ph.D. student at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science where I am a member of the NMS and PDOS research groups. I am advised by Professors Hari Balakrishnan and Frans Kaashoek. In addition to my research here at MIT, I also spend time in the Internetwork Research Department of BBN Technologies working with Craig Partridge and others.

Research Projects

Migrate - End-to-End Internet Host Mobility SPIE - An IP Traceback Engine FIRE - An Flexible Networking Environment Inverse Multiplexing Location Services Promise - A Distributed Application Management System


Moreso than anything else I've done during my collegiate years, my teaching experiences have fueled my pursuit of a PhD, in hopes of being a professor someday. While my research has kept me from teaching anywhere near as much as I would like here at MIT, I spent my entire Georgia Tech career as a Teaching Assistant for the College of Computing. In something approaching reverse chronological order, the courses I've taught include:

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