During the daylight hours, When I'm not sleeping (something I don't do near enough of), at the gym, tending to my oft-neglected fish tank, or in lab, I'm usually playing soccer! Ok, so it's about an even split between soccer and research. Ok, so I'm lying--it's far more soccer than research. But I'm working on that.

My evening exploits, on the other hand, garnered media attention a while back, as can be seen at right. My fraternity brothers would be proud to know my old roommate and I attained "regular" status at our local pub. Clearly we had a ways to go before reaching "Norm" level, however. While the wait staff may have known us by name, the photographer clearly didn't, as he managed to swap the names of my roommate and I in the captions. It's probably for the best.

I really don't spend near as much time as I should in the lab, usually because I'm doing something with one of the following groups:

During my undergrad years at Georgia Tech, I was involved with the following campus organizations:

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