LSL Handbook Table of Contents

This version of the handbook is the one that appears in Appendix A of Larch: Languages and Tools for Formal Specification, by John V. Guttag and James J. Horning, editors, Springer-Verlag, 1993. It is not suitable for use with Release 3.1beta3 of the LSL Checker.

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Boolean [PostScript] Conditional [PostScript]


Integer [PostScript] DecimalLiterals [PostScript] IntegerPredicates [PostScript]


Enumeration [PostScript]


SetBasics [PostScript] Set [PostScript] BagBasics [PostScript] Bag [PostScript] StackBasics [PostScript] Stack [PostScript] Queue [PostScript] Deque [PostScript] List [PostScript] String [PostScript] Sequence [PostScript] PriorityQueue [PostScript] ChoiceSet [PostScript] ChoiceBag [PostScript] InsertGenerated [PostScript] Container [PostScript] MemberOp [PostScript] JoinOp [PostScript] ReverseOp [PostScript] IndexOp [PostScript] CoerceContainer [PostScript] Permutation [PostScript] ElementTest [PostScript] PairwiseExtension [PostScript] PointwiseImage [PostScript] ReduceContainer [PostScript]

Branching structures

ListStructure [PostScript] BinaryTree [PostScript] ListStructureOps [PostScript]


Array1 [PostScript] Array2 [PostScript] ArraySlice2 [PostScript] FiniteMap [PostScript] ComposeMaps [PostScript]


Relation [PostScript] RelationBasics [PostScript] RelationOps [PostScript] SetToRelation [PostScript] RelationPredicates [PostScript]

Graph theory

Graph [PostScript]

Properties of single operators

Associative [PostScript] Commutative [PostScript] AC [PostScript] Idempotent [PostScript] Involutive [PostScript]

Properties of relational operators

Antisymmetric [PostScript] Asymmetric [PostScript] Functional [PostScript] Irreflexive [PostScript] OneToOne [PostScript] Reflexive [PostScript] Symmetric [PostScript] Transitive [PostScript] Equivalence [PostScript] Equality [PostScript]


IsPO [PostScript] PartialOrder [PostScript] IsTO [PostScript] TotalOrder [PostScript] PreOrder [PostScript] TotalPreOrder [PostScript] StrictPartialOrder [PostScript] StrictTotalOrder [PostScript] DerivedOrders [PostScript] MinMax [PostScript] LexicographicOrder [PostScript]

Lattice theory

GreatestLowerBound [PostScript] Semilattice [PostScript] Lattice [PostScript]

Group theory

Semigroup [PostScript] LeftIdentity [PostScript] RightIdentity [PostScript] Identity [PostScript] Monoid [PostScript] LeftInverse [PostScript] RightInverse [PostScript] Inverse [PostScript] Group [PostScript] Abelian [PostScript] AbelianSemigroup [PostScript] AbelianMonoid [PostScript] AbelianGroup [PostScript] LeftDistributive [PostScript] RightDistributive [PostScript] Distributive [PostScript] Ring [PostScript] RingWithUnit [PostScript] Field [PostScript]

Number theory

Natural [PostScript] Positive [PostScript] IntCycle [PostScript] SignedInt [PostScript] UnsignedInt [PostScript] Enumerable [PostScript] Infinite [PostScript] NaturalOrder [PostScript] Addition [PostScript] Multiplication [PostScript] ArithOps [PostScript] Exponentiation [PostScript] IntegerAndNatural [PostScript] IntegerAndPositive [PostScript]

Floating point arithmetic

Rational [PostScript] FPAssumptions [PostScript] FloatingPoint [PostScript]
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