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Allen K. L. Miu
PhD Candidate
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)
The Stata Center, Building 32 G930
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 253-8236

Graduated June, 2006

Since July 2006, I've joined Ruckus Wireless as a Wireless Systems Architect.



Wireless Systems, Networking protocols, algorithms, and measurements, Mobile Computing, Location-aware applications and tracking technologies, Sensor networks and embedded systems

Research Advisor:   Professor Hari Balakrishnan

Current Projects:

Past Projects:







  • Data Management in the CarTel Mobile Sensor Computing System. ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2006, Chicago, IL, 2006

  • A Demonstration of Tracking the Position of a Moving LEGO Traing using the Cricket Indoor Location System. 10th ACM Mobicom, Philadephia, PA, 2004. [ps] [pdf]


  • Oxygen Demo 2005. [mpg (29 MB), wmv (23 MB)]
  • Tracking a moving train. [mpg (405 MB)]
  • Location-aware stream migration. [mpg (18 MB)]
  • Indoor navigation. [mpg (27 MB)]
  • Centipede: multi-robot chain-forming interaction. [mpg (21 MB)]

Project Collaborators

I'm fortunate to have had the chance to work closely with the following set of amazing people during my course at MIT:

John Ankcorn   Nokia Research
John Apostolopoulos   HP Labs, Palo Alto
Paramvir (Victor) Bahl   Microsoft Research, Redmond
Anand Balachandran   Microsoft, Redmond
Prof. Hari Balakrishnan   MIT CSAIL
Vladimir Bychkavsky   MIT CSAIL
Jon Finegold   uLocate Communications, Inc
Michel Goraczko   MIT CSAIL
Prof. John Guttag   MIT CSAIL
Bret Hull   MIT CSAIL
Kyle Jamieson   MIT CSAIL
Can Emre Koksal   EPFL, Switzerland
Prof. Samuel Madden   MIT CSAIL
Nissanka (Bodhi) Priyantha   Microsoft Research, Redmond
Adam Smith   MIT CSAIL
Dan Tan   HP Labs, Palo Alto
Godfrey Tan   MIT CSAIL (now at Intel, Santa Clara)
Prof. Seth Teller   MIT CSAIL
Mitch Trott   HP Labs, Palo Alto


6.170   Laboratory in Software Engineering (served as Teaching Assistant for this course)
6.821   Programming Languages
6.823   Computer Architecture
6.836   Embodied Intelligence (Class Project)
6.892   Computer Networks (Class Project)
6.856   Randomized Algorithms (Class Project)
6.838J   Computational Geometry
    (Convex Hull Applet)(BSP Applet)(Duality Applet) (I taught Lecture 7 [ppt][ps][pdf])
15.401   Finance Theory I
15.402   Finance Theory II (Corporate Finance)
15.399   Entrepreneurship Lab (E-Lab)



I was born in Hong Kong, but was raised in Vancouver, Canada since I was seven. I got married this summer (2006) to my college sweetheart, Jie Zhang and have since return to the west coast. I love badminton.


  Committee Member and Participant, Boston Open (2002-2005)
  MIT Team member, MIT Invitational Team Badminton Tournament 2001
  President (2004-), MIT Community Badminton Club
  Co-President (2001-2002), Officer-at-large (2003-) MIT Badminton Club


My cousin is a rising pop singer in Hong Kong. Check out her first and second albums!


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