Session-Based Mobility


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Table of Contents

Session-Based Mobility An End-to-End Approach

An Example: SSH Session

Today's Network Abstraction

Mobile Networking Challenges

Current Approaches

Reconsider System Abstraction

1, 2, 3... Mobility

Goals: Minimally Invasive

Managing Changing End Points

End-to-End Session Tracking

System Session Abstraction

Robust Session Management

Dynamic Library Interposition

Part Two

Connection Preservation

Transmission Control Protocol

TCP Connection Migration

TCP Connection Migration (cont.)

TCP State Machine Changes

Migration Trace

A Lossy Trace with SACK

Part Three

Internet Suspend/Resume

Motivating Continuations

Using Continuations

Conserving Session Resources

SSH Continuation

Continuation Efficiency

Continuation Solution Spectrum

Conclusion & Future Directions

Author: Alex C. Snoeren


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