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The Migrate Internet Mobility Project

Migrate is free software, released under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.

Migrate Continuation-Based Mobility Support

Migrate is available as a source distribution which is known to build on Linux 2.2 and higher. We expect it should work on most other UNIXes, but have not yet tried it ourselves. Migrate requires TESLA in order to operate in transparent mode. Please consult the README file in the Migrate distribution for build and install instructions.

You can download our latest version from the anonymous CVS repository, or simply browse them using CVSweb.

Additional required software:

iPAQ Support

Binary iPKGs for both TESLA and Migrate can be downloaded below, or from our feed at

TCP Migration Support:

Kernel patches are currently only available for Linux 2.2, but other operating systems (Linux 2.4/FreeBSD/OpenBSD) may be made available in the future. Please see the README file included with the kernel patches for instructions on how to apply the patches, and integrate the MIRACL crypto library if secure migration support is desired.

Additional required software:

Fine-Grained Failover Support:

This toolkit uses the TCP migration facility and the two new syscalls presented in our USITS '01 paper Fine-Grained Failover using Connection Migration to support server failover of HTTP connections.