Installing and running a CM Linux kernel

The file linux-2.2.9.tar.gz contains the entire Linux distribution including the CM changes. To install, follow these instructions.

You can also look at the individual files added or modified for the CM. These are listed here, with the directory structure preserving the Linux kernel code. You may find the following notes useful:

Experience and disclaimer

This should be considers an alpha release. Although we will strive to make only backward-compatible changes, we cannot be certain that this will be the case (in fact, it will almost certainly not be the case!). We have been using the CM kernel on some of our machines for a few months now with relatively few problems. We have observed that a few connections sometimes hang, and are tracking the reasons for this down; however, this happens very rarely and has not proved to be a big usability problem in practice. We do run the CM on a few of our desktop machines that are critical to us, on a daily basis. To our knowledge, we have not seen any data corruption or other such problems for protocols and applications using the CM.