Blueware: Bluetooth Simulator for ns

The Blueware software module contains implementations of a Bluetooth simulator, which closely follows the Bluetooth Specifications 1.1, and the scatternet formation and link scheduling schemes. The simulator implementation is based on the BlueHoc extension to ns-2. Most of the original code of Bluehoc has been re-written and re-designed. In addition, a significant amount of new code has been added. In particular, Blueware provides an easy-to-program interface to various scatternet formation and link scheduling schemes. Along with the simulator, the implementations of a scatternet formation algorithm (TSF) and a link scheduling algorithm (LCS) are also provided. The Bluetooth simulator part of Blueware is licensed under the IBM Public License whereas the scatternet formation and link scheduling protocols such as TSF and LCS modules are licensed under the General Public License.

Blueware 1.0 works with ns-2.1b7a. For more information on ns-2, please visit the official ns-2 site. For instructions on installation and running Blueware, check out README. The documentation for Blueware can be found here. If you have any questions, please contact Godfrey Tan.

Blueware 1.0

10/30/2002: ns may not compile with c++ (std-c) version 3.2. In particular, libstdc++-devel-3.2 may not be backward-compatible with existing STL code in ns.
10/30/2002: Blueware crashes when compiled without --enable-debug flag. It has been fixed now.