Embodied Intelligence Projects

Recently, several members of our group decided to build robots for the Embodied Intelligence class. Here are some pictures and videos of us disturbing the peace on the fifth floor at LCS!

Mr. Mallard: Imprinting in Robots

Nick and Jaeyeon built a robot called Mr. Mallard, a robot that detects its "mother" using a camera and uses the Cricket location support system to follow its mother as it moves.

A view of Mr. Mallard from the top.Nick and Jaeyeon operate on Mr. Mallard.

MPEG Videos


Our project is documented and available here. You can find how we hacked Gameboy camera and Handyboard to get the vision working.

Roboguard: The True Warrior

Godfrey and Magda built a robot that guards doorways or hallways. When placed between parallel walls, it positions itself in the middle and waits for intruders to arrive. When they do, it blocks them ferociously.

A view of Roboguard from a top angle.Godfrey, Magda and the robot.

MPEG Videos

More details...

If you think this is a cool project, take a look at our presentation and report for more details.

Centipede: The Multi-robot follower.

Here is where it all began....