rcc Verifier

Constraint Verifier

rcc executes correctness checks, using the properties of the routing logic as a model for correctness. Here is a list of tests currently performed by the verifier.

The constraint verifier performs three steps:

  1. Expands configuration languages (e.g., Cisco's peer-group etc.)
  2. Converts the configuration into an intermediate format, in the form of relational database tables.
  3. Checks constraints by executing a sequence of queries on the database tables.
Each constraint is written as a simple SQL query. (Please see the development section in the manual for details.) The flexibility of how constraints are specified permits router-specific configuration checks, as well as AS-wide configuration checks.

We have included some examples that are included with the initial release and fully intend to develop more as people demand more features. Additionally, we have made the specification language simple enough that operators can write their own checks and incorporate them into the tool very easily.


Currently, the verifier performs the following tests.

Send us suggestions for other constraints you need checked!

Example Output