LP, the Larch Prover -- The page-mode setting

The page-mode setting controls whether or not LP pauses to enable users to read its output before it is scrolled off the screen.


<set-page-mode-command> ::= set page-mode ( on | off )


set page-mode on


When page-mode is off (the default), LP does not pause during output. When it is on, LP displays output a screen at a time. After LP displays each screenful of output, it prompts the user with --More-- to type a character indicating what to do next. The options are as follows:
Response  Action
--------  ------
space      display next screenful
return     display next line
digit      display next digit lines
d         display next half screenful
u         display continuously until next user interaction
q         display nothing until next user interaction
?         display this menu
Most Unix systems also allow users to control output is by using the ^S and ^Q keys; ^S stops output, and ^Q resumes printing.