LP, the Larch Prover -- The lp-path setting

The lp-path setting specifies a list of directories for LP to search when looking for input from a file.


<set-lp-path-command> ::= set lp-path <string>


set lp-path . ~/myAxioms ~lp


The set lp-path command specifies a search path for LP to use when looking for help, .lp, or .lpfrz files. Its default value is ". ~lp/axioms". A period (.) in the value of lp-path refers to LP's current working directory. A tilde (~) in the value of lp-path refers to the user's home directory. An initial directory ~lp refers to the directory in which LP's runtime support was installed; see the installation instructions, the command-line options, and the version command for the location of this directory.