LP, the Larch Prover -- Reporting bugs

Please report any bugs that you find in LP so that we can fix them. To do this, complete the following form and mail it to larch@lcs.mit.edu.
Name:     _______________________________       Date: __________________

E-mail address: _________________________

Version:  ___         [Type lp to find out.]

Hardware: ___ Sparc     ___ DECmips     ___ Alpha
          ___ Other: __________________________

Operating System and Version: _____________________________

Which of the following symptoms occurred (check all that apply):
    __ system level error (OS crashes or hangs, unrelated data is lost)
    __ program crashes (segmentation fault, core dump, etc.)
    __ program reports a fatal error
    __ program hangs
    __ program exhibits __ incorrect, __ mysterious, or __ unfriendly behavior
    __ program destroys data
    __ poor or incorrect error messages
    __ incorrect or missing documentation
    __ missing feature (please elaborate)
    __ other (please elaborate)

Problem description (please append a stand-alone command file that we can
execute to reproduce the bug):