LP, the Larch Prover -- The help command

The help command provides information about the use of LP. This same information can also be viewed using a hypertext reader such as Mosaic, starting at the home page in ~lp/help/overview.html.


<help-command> ::= help <topic>
<topic>        ::= <blank-free-string>


help ?
help commands


The help command provides a detailed explanation of the requested topic, which can be specified by an unambiguous prefix. The command help ? produces a terse list of topics for which help is available. The command help commands produces a summary of the LP commands. The command help lp produces a list of general topics for which help is available.

If you don't get information on the topic you expected after typing a command like help rewrite, try typing help rewrite- to see if there is further information about related topics (e.g., rewrite-command or rewrite-rule).